nedelja, 24. november 2013

Alexander McQueen of Indonesia

Guess who’s back?

Long time no see. I was very busy previous weeks. I'm drowning in my school work and preparations for the final exams. But now I have a little free time and I'm happy to work on my blog again.

One of my favourite movies is The Hunger Games. I adore Jennifer Lawrence, actually the whole cast is great, scenography is amazing and the costumes ... the costumes took my breath away! When I first watched The Hunger Games, I was like: »Wow, look at those clothes!« , but I didn't pay any attention on who made them. I'm a little bit angry not searching for the designers sooner!
So here is the second part of The Hunger Games and I must admit I didn't watch it yet. I watched its trailer for a 1000 times and again I was blown away because of the clothes.

Yesterday I was just randomly surfing the web when I saw the article with the title »Meet Tex Saverio - The Designer Behind Katniss' Wedding Dress In The Hunger Games Who's Already Dressed Lady Gaga« on the page So I've met Tex Saverio, he is awesome! I didn't actually meet him. Of course. This would be cool, but kind of impossible. I'm totally in love with his work and I decided that you have to meet him!

Just look at this gorgeous wedding dress that he made for Katniss. Metal, Swarovski crystals and chiffon make such a special effect together.

Of course there are also some other famous designers who made dresses for The Hunger Games. The movie’s costume designer Trish Summerville found Tex Saverio a while ago and thought he was the perfect one to create this dress. Trish was definitely right!

So who actually is Tex Saverio?
He was born in Jakarta in 1984. In September 2005, Saverio won a national award in the Mercedes-Benz Asia Fashion Award and became a well-known designer.
As I said before, in my previous posts, I'm kind of obsessed with Alexander McQueen. I'm in love with his high fashion and ready-to-wear and scarfs and I love Sarah Burton too. Everybody knows McQueen was a hooligan of English fashion. Tex got a very flattering new name – he is named Alexander McQueen of Indonesia! Isn't that awesome?
Lady Gaga was Alexander McQueen's good friend and she often dressed in his designs. So, I'm not surprised that she loves Tex Saverio.

Here are some of the Tex Saverio’s other designs, I think his work is amazing. What do you think? Did you ever hear about him?

XX, Tara

nedelja, 10. november 2013

Monsters Inc.

Hello babes!

I won't talk about real and faux fur, that isn't my point today. If you want to wear the real one, then just wear it. End of story. If you don't support it, don't wear it. Simple as that.

I will talk about new trend for this winter – colored fur. The best things in the cold winter days are cozy things and what is cozier than a soft and warming outwear? You have to wear something extremely warm, so you don't become an ice cube. In the past years we've seen a lot of different furry coats, but this year they are on a whole new level. You can find a coat in every color and shape. The most special are multi-color once.


Slovenian brand - Krznarstvo Eber a/w 13


Monsters Inc.

American Retro coat 
Paul & Joe Sister vest waistcoat 
Ted Baker jacket, $320 
Unreal Fur white jacket, $295 
H&M fake fur jacket, $24 
Topshop clothing
ASOS shoulder bag 

You can find a lot of cute furry stuff here (Topshop)

What do you think about this trend?

Love, Tara

nedelja, 03. november 2013

Mysterious and Spooky

What's my favourite holiday? No, it's not Christmas, neither my birthday, who cares about the presents when you have Halloween? Halloween is my favourite! Why? It's just so fun to be somebody else for one night, somebody scary. The concept about how evil and dead souls come to life and all, it's great!

*warning: all the pictures are made with mobile phone and in the dark, so they are crappy*

But unfortunately it’s the same story every year: I'm in the Halloween mood even before September starts and my friends are bored of listening about my costume ideas. Some of them think costumes are boring and lame. And then, just before we want to go out partying, my house is full of friends who want a special Halloween make-up. EVERY YEAR! After all that we went out, we went on a big Halloween party in one of the best Ljubljana's clubs. Came home at 6 in the morning and woke up with awful hangover. But it was fun.

So this year, I decided to be a white devil, just because red devils are too mainstream, haha. I wore a cute lace skirt, horns, white nylons and a white bodysuit. I painted my hair, neck, arms and chest white. And applied just a little bit of white on my face and smooth it with my skin tone. Added fake eyelashes, black smokey eyes, glossy red lips, some fake blood and Voilà!

I’ve done some face paint job to 4 of my friends. But I'm most proud of these two: My boyfriend was a half pumpkin king (or something like that) and my best friend Oscar was a demon. It took me about half an hour for each. I used only black eye pencil, black liquid eyeliner, fake blood, white face paint, and different eye shadows for shading. Tip: If you don’t have face paint (I didn’t have an orange one) just mix your face cream with eye shadow. Hope you like it! I hope this is a good inspiration for the next Halloween.

Now...where is Christmas?!

XX, Tara

sobota, 02. november 2013

Pretty in Pink (COAT)

Is pink the new black? This fall the answer is definitely YES. The “it piece” for autumn 2013 is a coat, a pink coat, a too big pink coat.
Pretty in Pink (COAT)

Elizabeth and James coat, $980
Jigsaw leather coat, $400
Hobbs coat, $385
FAIR+true vegan coat, $240
Coast pink coat, $185 
Petite coat, $135 

ponedeljek, 28. oktober 2013

TOP 10: My Favourite Designers/Brands

This was actually very hard, because I love a lot of designers! But I chose 10 of them that really caught my eye: (Click on the picture to enlarge)

10. Emilio Pucci
Patterns, patterns everywhere. And to be honest, I love patterns, that's why I love Pucci.

S/S 14                               A/W 13                               S/S 13

9. Jean Paul Gaultier
First of all, his name sounds so great (just say it again, Jean Paul Gaultier), doesn't it? He's different, he's something new and he also enriches the world of fashion!

A/W 13                               S/S 13                                S/S 13

8. Valentino
Valentino dresses are very classy, but always with a little special twist. If we are talking elegance, we are talking Valentino.

S/S 14                               A/W 13                                A/W 12

7. Alexander Wang
Wang, Wang, Wang...I love him in every possible way! He usually only uses black, white and maybe some pastels. His creations are simple and clean. Everything is so wearable and modern. LOVE IT!
P.s.: He has the cutest niece ever!!!

S/S 14                               A/W 13                               S/S 13

6. Moschino
Their designs are so cute! I want to wear everything. My favourite is A/W 2013 collection with punk and Scottish touch.

S/S 14                               A/W 13                               S/S 13

5. Balmain
There is something about Balmain that I adore. Balmain always has some new material combinations that I have never seen before.

S/S 14                              A/W 13                              S/S13

4. Yves Saint Laurent
He doesn't use much colors and his tailoring is perfect. On the 3rd picture you can see one of my favourite dresses from Y.

S/S 14                               S/S 14                               S/S 13

3. Dolce & Gabbana
Is one of the strongest Italian names. Dolce and Gabbana always impress everyone. I'm in love with every piece of their collections.

S/S 14                                  A/W 13                             S/S 13

2. Alexander McQueen
He was and still is something special. He will always be one of the best designers on Earth. His work is unique and special. People usually think his creations aren't wearable, but I think his work is an art. After his suicide, Sarah Burton took his position and became creative director at Alexander McQueen brand.

S/S 13                               S/S 10                               A/W 09
         (Sarah Burton)                        (Last show of A. McQ)                 (Alexander McQueen)

1. Zuhair Murad
His dresses are gorgeous! I want all of them, everything he does is so elegant. You can see a lot of small details from crystals to little flowers. We can see his dresses on the red carpet quite often. With one word, he is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

                            S/S 13                                A/W 12         (Don't know from which collection, but this dres is awesome!!)

Who's your favourite designer or brand?


petek, 25. oktober 2013

Fall Beauty


I was very busy this week with all the "last-minute-before-the-holidays" school work. So here is a short post, but expect the longer one tomorrow.

Must get ready now to go out and hit the dance floor, CYA!

Fall Beauty

OPI nail polish, $19 
Topshop nail polish, $11 
Forever 21 gift sets kit 
Tom Ford lipstick 
Bobbi Brown Cosmetics foundation 
NARS Cosmetics

XX, Tara