ponedeljek, 28. oktober 2013

TOP 10: My Favourite Designers/Brands

This was actually very hard, because I love a lot of designers! But I chose 10 of them that really caught my eye: (Click on the picture to enlarge)

10. Emilio Pucci
Patterns, patterns everywhere. And to be honest, I love patterns, that's why I love Pucci.

S/S 14                               A/W 13                               S/S 13

9. Jean Paul Gaultier
First of all, his name sounds so great (just say it again, Jean Paul Gaultier), doesn't it? He's different, he's something new and he also enriches the world of fashion!

A/W 13                               S/S 13                                S/S 13

8. Valentino
Valentino dresses are very classy, but always with a little special twist. If we are talking elegance, we are talking Valentino.

S/S 14                               A/W 13                                A/W 12

7. Alexander Wang
Wang, Wang, Wang...I love him in every possible way! He usually only uses black, white and maybe some pastels. His creations are simple and clean. Everything is so wearable and modern. LOVE IT!
P.s.: He has the cutest niece ever!!!

S/S 14                               A/W 13                               S/S 13

6. Moschino
Their designs are so cute! I want to wear everything. My favourite is A/W 2013 collection with punk and Scottish touch.

S/S 14                               A/W 13                               S/S 13

5. Balmain
There is something about Balmain that I adore. Balmain always has some new material combinations that I have never seen before.

S/S 14                              A/W 13                              S/S13

4. Yves Saint Laurent
He doesn't use much colors and his tailoring is perfect. On the 3rd picture you can see one of my favourite dresses from Y.

S/S 14                               S/S 14                               S/S 13

3. Dolce & Gabbana
Is one of the strongest Italian names. Dolce and Gabbana always impress everyone. I'm in love with every piece of their collections.

S/S 14                                  A/W 13                             S/S 13

2. Alexander McQueen
He was and still is something special. He will always be one of the best designers on Earth. His work is unique and special. People usually think his creations aren't wearable, but I think his work is an art. After his suicide, Sarah Burton took his position and became creative director at Alexander McQueen brand.

S/S 13                               S/S 10                               A/W 09
         (Sarah Burton)                        (Last show of A. McQ)                 (Alexander McQueen)

1. Zuhair Murad
His dresses are gorgeous! I want all of them, everything he does is so elegant. You can see a lot of small details from crystals to little flowers. We can see his dresses on the red carpet quite often. With one word, he is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

                            S/S 13                                A/W 12         (Don't know from which collection, but this dres is awesome!!)

Who's your favourite designer or brand?


petek, 25. oktober 2013

Fall Beauty


I was very busy this week with all the "last-minute-before-the-holidays" school work. So here is a short post, but expect the longer one tomorrow.

Must get ready now to go out and hit the dance floor, CYA!

Fall Beauty

OPI nail polish, $19 
Topshop nail polish, $11 
Forever 21 gift sets kit 
Tom Ford lipstick 
Bobbi Brown Cosmetics foundation 
NARS Cosmetics

XX, Tara

sobota, 19. oktober 2013

Sales, Sales Everywere

Hello everybody!

Sales are here! I went shopping the other day (again, yes) and I found some really nice stuff with awesome prices. Let's take a look:

My mum found this gorgeous dress for me in H&M, I totally fell in love with it. I don't actually know the real price, but it was only 15 € on sale! I will wear it today on my granny's 80th birthday party, the outfit post will come soon. (the dress looks enormous on the picture,
but it's the size M)

This is a chinese inspired tank top, it has a chinese dragon made out of faux leather lines and a gold chain. It's kind of flowy. I got it from H&M and paid only around 5 €.

I'm in love with these New Yorker's sparkly shorts. I've been looking for them for toooo long now and finally found them! I got them for 15 €. I'm planning to wear them on the New year's evening or maybe not (I have one really cute never worn dress, or should I buy something new?).

Last but not least there are my new high heels! I bought them in Humanic for 20 €, the original price was 90!!! 16 cm heel does not spoil comfort. The texture of the zebra part is furry, like zebra skin or something.

XX, Tara

ponedeljek, 14. oktober 2013

REVIEW: H&M Blueberry Face Mask

I went on a shopping trip to Italy with my mum and I must say I got some really nice stuff. Since we don't have H&M cosmetics in Slovenia I decided to buy some of their cute products abroad. And so I found this great H&M Blueberry Burst Face Mask. It's a nourishing mask with antioxidants, which are very very important for our skin. It's only 1,95 € and you can use it twice.

It contains extracts of blueberry, raspberry, cranberry and grape as well as Aloe vera juice and peach kernel oil.

1.    Application: it's easy and not even a little bit messy, simple to spread it all over your face and the texture is super smooth.
2.    Filling: the mask is refreshing and cooling.
3.    Smell: the smell of the blueberries is very strong, so relaxing!
4.    Colour: you just have to love the sparkling pink.
5.    Removing: after 10-15 minutes it's time to wash it off your face. You can do this with worm water.
6.    Results: skin is fresh, calm and soft

I will definitely buy this face mask again!

You can also make a great blueberry mask at home:
All you need are fresh blueberries, honey and some Greek yoghurt. You just have to smash the blueberries and mix them with one Greek yoghurt and 3 spoons of honey. Apply the mixture on your face and wash it off after 30 minutes.

XX, Tara 

Outfit of the Day: MONOCHROME

Here is my outfit of the day post. I'm very sorry, I didn't have a chance to take some pictures of me wearing it, because of the short time. But here is my Polyvore set of the things I wore today. 

Monochrome describes paintings, drawings, design, or photographs in one color or shades of one color. In fashion it's usually about black-grey-white combinations. 


Rut&Circle sheer collared shirt, 27 €
Mango jacket, 71 €
H&M pants, 18 € 
H&M purse, 29 € 
Marc by Marc Jacobs plastic jewelry, 140 €
 Calvin Klein Underwear Bra, 22 €

XX, Tara