sobota, 19. oktober 2013

Sales, Sales Everywere

Hello everybody!

Sales are here! I went shopping the other day (again, yes) and I found some really nice stuff with awesome prices. Let's take a look:

My mum found this gorgeous dress for me in H&M, I totally fell in love with it. I don't actually know the real price, but it was only 15 € on sale! I will wear it today on my granny's 80th birthday party, the outfit post will come soon. (the dress looks enormous on the picture,
but it's the size M)

This is a chinese inspired tank top, it has a chinese dragon made out of faux leather lines and a gold chain. It's kind of flowy. I got it from H&M and paid only around 5 €.

I'm in love with these New Yorker's sparkly shorts. I've been looking for them for toooo long now and finally found them! I got them for 15 €. I'm planning to wear them on the New year's evening or maybe not (I have one really cute never worn dress, or should I buy something new?).

Last but not least there are my new high heels! I bought them in Humanic for 20 €, the original price was 90!!! 16 cm heel does not spoil comfort. The texture of the zebra part is furry, like zebra skin or something.

XX, Tara

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