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Alexander McQueen of Indonesia

Guess who’s back?

Long time no see. I was very busy previous weeks. I'm drowning in my school work and preparations for the final exams. But now I have a little free time and I'm happy to work on my blog again.

One of my favourite movies is The Hunger Games. I adore Jennifer Lawrence, actually the whole cast is great, scenography is amazing and the costumes ... the costumes took my breath away! When I first watched The Hunger Games, I was like: »Wow, look at those clothes!« , but I didn't pay any attention on who made them. I'm a little bit angry not searching for the designers sooner!
So here is the second part of The Hunger Games and I must admit I didn't watch it yet. I watched its trailer for a 1000 times and again I was blown away because of the clothes.

Yesterday I was just randomly surfing the web when I saw the article with the title »Meet Tex Saverio - The Designer Behind Katniss' Wedding Dress In The Hunger Games Who's Already Dressed Lady Gaga« on the page So I've met Tex Saverio, he is awesome! I didn't actually meet him. Of course. This would be cool, but kind of impossible. I'm totally in love with his work and I decided that you have to meet him!

Just look at this gorgeous wedding dress that he made for Katniss. Metal, Swarovski crystals and chiffon make such a special effect together.

Of course there are also some other famous designers who made dresses for The Hunger Games. The movie’s costume designer Trish Summerville found Tex Saverio a while ago and thought he was the perfect one to create this dress. Trish was definitely right!

So who actually is Tex Saverio?
He was born in Jakarta in 1984. In September 2005, Saverio won a national award in the Mercedes-Benz Asia Fashion Award and became a well-known designer.
As I said before, in my previous posts, I'm kind of obsessed with Alexander McQueen. I'm in love with his high fashion and ready-to-wear and scarfs and I love Sarah Burton too. Everybody knows McQueen was a hooligan of English fashion. Tex got a very flattering new name – he is named Alexander McQueen of Indonesia! Isn't that awesome?
Lady Gaga was Alexander McQueen's good friend and she often dressed in his designs. So, I'm not surprised that she loves Tex Saverio.

Here are some of the Tex Saverio’s other designs, I think his work is amazing. What do you think? Did you ever hear about him?

XX, Tara

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