nedelja, 03. november 2013

Mysterious and Spooky

What's my favourite holiday? No, it's not Christmas, neither my birthday, who cares about the presents when you have Halloween? Halloween is my favourite! Why? It's just so fun to be somebody else for one night, somebody scary. The concept about how evil and dead souls come to life and all, it's great!

*warning: all the pictures are made with mobile phone and in the dark, so they are crappy*

But unfortunately it’s the same story every year: I'm in the Halloween mood even before September starts and my friends are bored of listening about my costume ideas. Some of them think costumes are boring and lame. And then, just before we want to go out partying, my house is full of friends who want a special Halloween make-up. EVERY YEAR! After all that we went out, we went on a big Halloween party in one of the best Ljubljana's clubs. Came home at 6 in the morning and woke up with awful hangover. But it was fun.

So this year, I decided to be a white devil, just because red devils are too mainstream, haha. I wore a cute lace skirt, horns, white nylons and a white bodysuit. I painted my hair, neck, arms and chest white. And applied just a little bit of white on my face and smooth it with my skin tone. Added fake eyelashes, black smokey eyes, glossy red lips, some fake blood and Voilà!

I’ve done some face paint job to 4 of my friends. But I'm most proud of these two: My boyfriend was a half pumpkin king (or something like that) and my best friend Oscar was a demon. It took me about half an hour for each. I used only black eye pencil, black liquid eyeliner, fake blood, white face paint, and different eye shadows for shading. Tip: If you don’t have face paint (I didn’t have an orange one) just mix your face cream with eye shadow. Hope you like it! I hope this is a good inspiration for the next Halloween.

Now...where is Christmas?!

XX, Tara

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