nedelja, 10. november 2013

Monsters Inc.

Hello babes!

I won't talk about real and faux fur, that isn't my point today. If you want to wear the real one, then just wear it. End of story. If you don't support it, don't wear it. Simple as that.

I will talk about new trend for this winter – colored fur. The best things in the cold winter days are cozy things and what is cozier than a soft and warming outwear? You have to wear something extremely warm, so you don't become an ice cube. In the past years we've seen a lot of different furry coats, but this year they are on a whole new level. You can find a coat in every color and shape. The most special are multi-color once.


Slovenian brand - Krznarstvo Eber a/w 13


Monsters Inc.

American Retro coat 
Paul & Joe Sister vest waistcoat 
Ted Baker jacket, $320 
Unreal Fur white jacket, $295 
H&M fake fur jacket, $24 
Topshop clothing
ASOS shoulder bag 

You can find a lot of cute furry stuff here (Topshop)

What do you think about this trend?

Love, Tara

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  1. the olsen twins always look amazing! mayy be we're just being biased because we're twins too!! but the fur coats are definitely timeless

    1. Yes, they are amazing, I love their style!! Like your blog, it's very cute :)